Blog #011: Call Centre Transformations


Large open office spaces such as call centres often come across as an impersonal working environment that lack personality. By their nature, call centres can be high pressured environments so creating a positive space is crucial. However, with environmental design there are a number of ways to turn the vast space into a dynamic and vibrant call centre which in turn results in a motivated and happy team.


Both hanging, and wall signage are a great way to differentiate between work and recreational spaces. It can also be a great way to give individual teams or departments their own unique identity.

In terms of internal branding, it can be a useful way to communicate brand messages or client quotes.

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Meeting Spaces

Whilst open office spaces can be great for creating the energy needed in a contact centre, there will always be times when privacy is required. The benefit of using pods are that they are flexible and easily installed into existing layouts. Pods also help break up the vast space and create points of interest.

Vitra | Weil am Rhein Net 'n' Nest Office
July 2010 | E10295-13594


Desk space will always be an important part of the office but equally important is having an informal space that enables people to share ideas and collaborate together. This type of space can be a brilliant way to showcase your brand, culture and values, allowing employees to feel part of the brand ideology. Look at how you can use wall and glass vinyls as well as white board walls and flexible seating arrangements to achieve this.



Call centres are known for their high-pressured nature so the use of colour is important when creating the workspace. Neutral colours are ideal as a base and then you can add in brand colours as an accent note. However, avoid using too many different colours as this can be distracting.


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