Blog #012: How to maximise a small office space


As a small business, it can be really exciting when success means you need to grow. However, trying to accommodate a bigger team into the same space can present some challenges. With some creativity and clever hacks, you can make a small office space work for you.


When it comes to designing and working with a small office space, the most important aspect to keep in mind is flexibility. Look out for solutions that will work in the space you have. The trick is to create a layout that gives you the working space that you need whilst making the most of it. Check out these ideas to make the most of any size office:

Stay organised

When space is at a premium, it’s important that it is kept tidy and organised so things are easy to find.

Don’t be afraid to be ruthless with what you do and don’t have in the office as a cluttered space is sure to make the area feel even smaller. Think about which areas you can make more of. For example, wall space is an often-underutilised part of a room but, done well, can create the storage you need when you lack floor space.

Go paper free where you can too and instead use online cloud storage for important documents. Not only is it much better for the environment, it also means that you’ll need less filing space for paper documents.


Go open plan

There’s a reason why open plan offices have become so popular – smaller spaces feel bigger than they really are and offer so much more flexibility. When you combine an open plan office with multifunctional furniture, it allows you to get the most out of the space.

Think about how you use the space that you do have. For example, there’s no point creating a dedicated reception area if you don’t have visitors. If you do need a reception area, look at whether it can be a multipurpose space – such as it being used as break out area too. Likewise, with meeting rooms, if you don’t have enough room for a permanent one, fold out wall dividers can be a great way to create a meeting space when needed. Use whiteboard or chalk board paint to turn any wall into a noticeboard for meetings or discussions anywhere.

You should also look at where you can maximise any available open space that you have. For example, hot desking is a great way to enable your team to work anywhere in the office, rather than being restricted to a specific desk and offers another flexible way of working.


Let there be light

If you do have a compact space, be sure to avoid dark colours, such as black, as this can feel quite imposing. Instead opt for light colours and mirrors as these reflect light and open up the space. If you can, try to fill the space with plenty of natural light and avoid harsh artificial lighting – not only does this create a much healthier working environment – it’s another way to create the impression of space.


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