Blog #016: Bespoke Splashback Inspiration

Generic off the shelf designs just don’t cut it when it comes to putting your stamp on interiors, whether in the workplace or home. If you have particular style in mind or want to reflect your unique personality, only bespoke designs will do.


These days, pretty much any surface can be customised, including splashbacks. Whether that’s a printed design or a handcrafted splashback made using artisan techniques, whatever you dream of can be turned into a reality.

With endless possibilities, the most difficult bit will be deciding how you want the splashback to look – but any installations company or designer can help you choose something which fits with and complements your surrounding interiors beautifully. From bright and bold to cool contemporary, we’ve picked a selection of designs that we hope will inspire your own bespoke splashback design.

For a really personal touch, word art can be a great way to achieve this. Choose your family’s names or fond memories to incorporate them into the art.

Links to travel? Maps and travel can be a brilliant source of inspiration for your splashback design, why not incorporate a map of somewhere special or the skyline of a particular place like these?

Here are some more ideas and ways to incorporate a bespoke splashback at home or in the workplace…

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