How design can support company culture

You may not realise it, but design plays an essential part in your company culture. If you want to attract certain people who share the same values to join your business, then it is vital that you have a culture that is representative of that. And part of creating that culture is related to your workspace and its design.

The design and layout of the workplace sends both overt and subtle cues to employees about the culture and office values of the organisation within which they work. Therefore, the workplace should promote and encourage the company’s culture and values, accentuating them and bringing them to life through the physical environment in which employees work every day.

You should be living your values through your workplace environment. For example, a company that values collaboration and open communication should opt for an open plan layout that will encourage this way of working. Providing a physical office environment that truly reflects your company’s office values and culture is one way of ensuring that your company is demonstrating its commitment to living its values.

There may be times when your company culture needs to shift. If this is the case, you can facilitate and cement change in company culture and office values, by changing the office environment.

By ensuring that your office values and culture are inherently designed into your office environment helps to reduce employee churn whilst at the same time attracting and retaining top talent. Employees know they have a choice over where they work and are searching to work for organisations that share their own personal and/or professional values.

Which is why, office design really is worth taking the time to seriously consider and invest in, because in the long run it will make a difference to your business and the people who work there.

Whether you are looking to create an office environment that reflects an existing company culture or want to facilitate a change in culture by updating your current workspace, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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